I often asked myself why am I doing this, photographing people. Maybe I don’t have anything else to do and it’s just a way to spend my time. Maybe it’s just a challenge, to photograph people without being caught. Or maybe… maybe I can’t live without them, without this, capturing their faces so I can later feed myself with their miseries, fatigue, joys or day-dreaming.The bus is a very significant part of my life, in which I try to include my co-travellers, too. These people are making the most various and spectacular mix that could be seen in a such tight place. I like to literally stalk people, observe their gestures, their interaction with others, their behaviour. With every shot I take I try to immortalize their current state. Every time I manage to do this I feel like I talked to them, I listened to their problems, I’ve been there for them. I am a shy person so I guess this is my way to socialize, capturing their faces.

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