Many years ago there were not so many carriages, but now, even after making this series, I did not manage to get acquainted to all the drivers. This fact makes me think this occupation is quite profitable, still the drivers’ appearance does not say the same thing. The drivers have to pay a lot of taxes, sometimes exceeding their earnings. Even though they don’t earn a lot of money the horses are looking very nice and seems they are in good health.
The skill of driving is passed from father to son, the drivers often bringing their sons to the workplace. A thing I liked it very much is that there are no two identical carriages. Each of them, including the horses, are decorated differently. Some decorations are brought right from Turkey.
It was quite a challenge to start this project due to their lack of confidence in me, but an idea occurred to me and I started a win-win strategy. Every picture of them I took, I printed it and gave it to them as thanks.